Stream: Wagons

Filmed on Wednesday, 4th November 2020

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After two decades, Wagons still pulse and stomp together as a joint force, with singer Henry Wagons at the helm. Henry’s fierce intellect, once hurtling toward a career as a philosopher, was thankfully derailed by a record deal, a thirst for whisky and an insatiable need to make noise.
These tall and lanky entertainers are, without doubt, a foundational keystone of the modern Indie-Americana movement in both Australia and around the world. Henry and band first wielded their twang-laden battering ram at a time when embroidered button down shirts and beards were far more sparse on the ground in Australia. Times have changed with trucker hats and gingham studded shirts now available at K-Mart, yet Wagons, 20 years into their unique career, stay atop the their own tidal wave of hard hitting, outlaw inspired, swamp rock madness.