GN’R & Bon Jovi Tribute, Live at Cherry Bar, SAT JUNE 15th

Saturday, 15th June 2024



Guns N’ Roses & Bon Jovi……together for one night only at the Cherry Bar as two of Australia’s hottest tribute shows deliver an awesome night of hard rock hits!!!

GN’R – The Australian Guns N’ Roses Tribute Show

Delivering a show that is both sonically & visually accurate with dedicated focus & attention to detail with musical arrangements as well as costumes & musical instruments that are synonymous with Guns N’ Roses for a complete kick a** live show. Top hats. Bandanas. Les Paul guitars & a stack of great tunes that you know & love!!!

GN’R will leave you wanting more as our Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven & Dizzy take you through the band’s extensive back catalogue. Paying tribute to songs off Appetite For Destruction, GN’R Lies & Use Your Illusion I & II. Plus special live only tracks & rarities. So whether it’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine” or “Coma” you want to hear, we’ll have you completely covered!!!

Our live show will take you right back to Hollywood on the Sunset Strip in 1987 as we explore the band’s gritty Los Angeles club days whilst also paying homage to their world famous stadium rock shows from 1991 & beyond!!!

So dust off your flannelette shirts, torn jeans & leather jackets & we’ll see you rocking out at the show!!!


CELEBRATING BON JOVI is an Australian event tribute show featuring

the songs of worldwide chart-topping rock phenomenon Bon Jovi,

played by a supergroup of some of Melbourne’s hardest working


CELEBRATING BON JOVI features members of Kiss Thiss – The

Ultimate Kiss Tribute Show, Soul Chisel, Pean, Funk & Disorderly, Bob

Starkie’s Skyhooks Show, Mean Street Van Halen Show & Burn City


Expect a rocking show full of hits such as;

Livin’ On A Prayer

It’s My Life


Bad Medicine

You Give Love A Bad Name

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