Fandango ~ ZZ Top Tribute

Saturday, 23rd January 2021

Fandango – ZZ Top Tribute Band performs two separate shows at limited capacity (covid regulations). Pre-sale highly recommended and masks mandatory.

Remember in 2020 when we live-streamed Fandango and we all said “Damn, I wish I could watch this live” well now its time..Cherry celebrates the return of live music with Fandango – ZZ Top Tribute Band. Playing two limited cap shows full of ZZ fan faves and those classic chart hits too!

The band has consisted of vocalist/guitarist Billy Gibbons, bassist/vocalist Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard since inception… These 2004 Rock ’N’Roll hall of fame inductee’s have been raisin’ hell throughout this entire time whilst rackin’ up (hmmm) insane sales (like attaining eleven gold, seven platinum and three multi-platinum LP’s) with some pretty iconic album covers to boot!

So the excellent Fandango will be doing what they do live with two shows, celebrating the works of this legendary act. Join us in crankin’ over the ’33 Ford Eliminator for an evening of good ol’ fashion boozing, supercharged blues and glamorous beard spotting!
Billy Gibbons: “This place won’t be here tomorrow, so let’s tear it down tonight.”

See you at Cherry. And yep, we are slingin’ drinks till 4am

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  • Ticket Price
    From $10 per person
  • Doors

    8pm & 10pm

  • Seating Options

    Standing only

  • Call Box Office

    (03) 9071 2434

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