Eugene Hamilton & The Money (Dinner & Show)

Wednesday, 1st July 2020

We’re back open and presenting live music! And on Wednesday July 1st, Eugene Hamilton brings his high voltage cabaret to the Cherry stage! Enjoy the show over dinner at the venue (we’re running an early and later evening session, both limited to 20 guests/COVID guidelines) or tune into the live stream from the comfort of your living room…

Eugene Hamilton is the worlds greatest performer of high octane, testosterone drenched power cabaret. Delivering performances full of humour and sincere affection, Eugene delivers everything from heart rending ballads to infectious soul and latin beats. With a repertoire drawing from those smooth beats of the ‘60s through to the poptastic noughties, audiences can count on a funk fry-up of latino Boogaloo and Memphis Soul.
Melbourne is the live music capital of the world, so regardless of the difficult COVID-19 regulations in place we need to lead by example and offer punters the chance to get back in front of great artist! It’s crazy to be saying this, but yes, Cherry is back… With a venue capacity of just 20 guests. Tickets are premium priced and come with a lot. We hope to see you there!

Included in the ticket price is the following:

  • Reserved table seating
  • Food provided by our friends at Tazio
  • 3 drinks each, including cocktails
  • A Cherry bar tea towel for each attendee
  • Permanent access to watch the live stream recording of the show at a later date

Seating options include:

  • Reserved table for 4
  • Bar seating for 2
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Foundations of Leadership Coaching

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Core Compentencies of Leadership

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Practicum in Leadership Coaching

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  • Everything start with Why
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  • Leading Change
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  • Summay
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Randall Williamson

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  • Ticket Price
    From $89.00 per person
  • Doors

    7pm and 10pm

  • Food

    Dinner provided

  • Seating Options

    Tables of 2 and 4

  • Live Stream

    8pm for $15

  • Call Box Office

    (03) 9071 2434

  • Book a table
  • Buy a live stream ticket